Selling Your Home With Jennifer Russell Real Estate

Posted on 09 Aug 2021

We at Jennifer Russell Real Estate understand that selling your property, whether it be an investment property or your family home, can be sentimental and personal. It is always an important decision that you want to get right. Our role in this is to ensure it is a smooth and stress free transaction, and that you get the best results. Here, we will provide a breakdown on what to expect when you work with us.

First Steps

When we come to appraise your property, we will ask questions about the property, about yourself and about what your next steps are. People choose to sell their properties for many different reasons, and we take your situation into consideration when planning how we could best assist you.

Once we have assessed your property, we will get to work and begin planning with what information you have given us. This could be finding quotes for any repairs or home staging, and we create a marketing plan that best suits your property and yourself. We do a comparative market analysis and assess which method is best to sell your property.

We will bring all this information back to you in an easy-to-read guide with our recommendations based on this research.

Listing Your Property

Once you decide to list with us, we will have another meeting to review our agency agreement together. We use this meeting to discuss your preferences going forward and begin to schedule our next steps.

After that the fun begins - preparation and photography! Once we have the photography and script for the property we bring it to you for approval since you know the property better than we could ever dream to!

Then the property goes 'live', you can admire the beautiful photos and we will start welcoming enquiries.

Selling Your Property

We provide feedback and updates after each viewing, and it won't be long before we present to you more contracts and the decision on which offer to accept is left in your hands. You won't be rushed as we know this is probably the biggest decision of the whole process. When decision making, don't forget we can negotiate on your behalf on price, conditions and settlement dates to make an offer the most suitable to both you and the purchaser.

After this, we assist the buyers with any conditions they may need help getting fulfilled and dealing with any 'contractual' issues that may arise.

On settlement day, we hand the keys over to the new homeowners and give you a big congratulations (& maybe a wee surprise) to thank you for making a great choice in choosing to sell with us.

If an open, friendly and bespoke real estate sales experience sounds like what you'd be interested in get in contact here.